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Our Vision

      Our number one priority is to present the clear message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone in our community in a manner they can understand. Secondly, our priority is to disciple believers in the full truths of the Scriptures. Thirdly we commit ourselves to providing for meaningful worship fourthly provide fellowship opportunities.

      This Vision leads us to specifically emphasize ministry to children and teens as well as families. We believe that youth are the hope of the future as well as being a very responsive audience.

      Our congregation has purchased 11 acres on the East side of New London. The congregation also selected a 10,000 square foot plan produced by Godwin & Associates of Springfield, Missouri, a well known church designing company. This plan doubles our worship space, triples our education space, and more than doubles our fellowship space. Also included will be a  a baptistry and a parking lot.

      At the heart of advancement must be prayer. Special Intercessory Prayer groups have been operating for the past two years. They are called Impact Prayer Groups.

      We have seen remarkable answers to prayers including salvations, healings, and provision of finances. The passion for missions is being also demonstrated by young adults taking mission trips to places such as Central America, Europe, Africa, and Northern and Southern Asia. Also adults have ministered in New Orleans and Milwaukee.

Secondly, we need workers and volunteers at all levels. Our congregation is typically very involved in helping in teaching and reaching. There are many other practical tasks of transportation, cleaning, and maintenance. Also, since many tasks require preparation, we have committed ourselves to helping equip believers to become all God wants them to be.

Thirdly, we are asking for Partners to invest in this Vision. We are going Forward By Faith.